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Beep is up and running. I’m typing this entry in on him right now. He’s rather a dog right now. I have a 256MB SODIMM from Sugar Daddy Mac that’s going into him in the near future, but it turns out that I need a phillips head screwdriver the size of a gnat in order to install RAM into this iBook. I was unprepared for this eventuality, and so I am living on 128MB currently. Strange, only seven years ago I paid $150 for 16MB RAM for my family’s Power Mac 6100 to bring it up to a whopping 24MB RAM. Damn, was that thing a screamer after that. And now, trying to cope with only 128MB feels like sucking molasses through a straw.

Jobs jobs jobs. Steve and otherwise. My friend Kelly ordered a 15” AlBook minutes after they were announced. He’s officially a bastard in my book now. ;-)

I had my interview on Monday over the phone. I found out today that it went well. I am doing another interview tomorrow, and more after that. Fun stuff. I have a good degree of hope that something will come out of these efforts. And if not, I am still getting together with my recruiter buddy tomorrow.


Also, I discovered a weird bug with iRooster today that I am going to need to smoke out. It turns out that having an installed copy of iTunes 2 for Mac OS 9 causes iRooster to have a hissy fit. This will get addressed in iRooster 1.1.