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My New Place

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I found a new place over this weekend. As I’m sure many of you have already heard, I’ve become…well, bored with my current residence.

My new place

I’ve been living in upper Queen Anne at the Queen Vista on Lee and Queen Anne for the past two years, and I finally decided that it was time for a change. Additionally, I’ve been having some trouble with my building management (both in terms of turnover, and a lack of responsiveness from the building’s owners).

So, long story short: it was time to move. I’ve been looking at a ton of different places over the past few weeks. This past week alone I was looking at 2-3 places a night after working a full day, and then researching more places after that. It was phenomenally overwhelming, and I cannot begin to express my relief that I’m finished.

My new place

I’m going to be living at 1450 East Republican St on Capitol Hill, a few blocks south of Volunteer Park. It’s a one-bedroom apartment, probably 680-700 square feet (a little smaller than my current place, but certainly not worrisomely so).

My new place

I’m signing the lease on Wednesday and hopefully moving in before the 31st. I have a handful of pictures up currently at http://www.brethorsting.com/gallery/v/AstorCourt and I will be putting more up once I move in.