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Come Get Your Fresh, Updated Popfly!

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It hasn’t even been a month since we launched Popfly, but we already finished our first batch of updates for the site with a ton of new features! We have some notes up on our team blog about the new features; here’s an abbreviated list of my favorites:

    <li>Silverlight Streaming-hosted videos, so Mac users get a great video experience, too! </li>
    <li>Block suggestions to help you build your mashups  </li>
    <li>Loading the mashup designer is enormously faster in IE, but it’s also faster in Firefox as well</li>
    <li>Saving mashups should now be a bit faster (for all browsers)</li>
    <li>Mashups that hang should now be the exception rather than the rule</li>
    <li>Loading avatars in search results should be much faster (for all browsers) </li>
    <li>You can see when every member joined Popfly</li>
    <li>Slick inline UI for adding a dev key (no more popup blocker madness) </li>
    <li>You can now click someone’s block from their project page to instantly use it in a mashup</li>
    <li>Preview-time console to help power-users debug </li>
    <li>Tons of new blocks: Live Ads, Live Image Search, Live News, Live Search, Live Spellchecker, Phonebook, Bar Graph, PhotoShow, and Straw Poll</li>

Additionally, the Popfly community has been hard at work with over 125 user-contributed blocks! These community-built services are incredibly cool, and feature such awesome things as:

    <li>Virtual Earth 3D support</li>
    <li>World of Warcraft player data</li>
    <li>Top iTunes songs</li>

Whew, what a list! Anyway, I need to get back to my features for our next release, which we’re in the thick of developing right now. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next :)