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Positive Comments on Every Programming Language I've Ever Learned

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  • C - So raw, so powerful, so easy to shoot yourself in foot.
  • Scheme - It may have taken me a month and a half to grok Scheme, but the moment that I finally did, angels sang and the heavens opened up to me.
  • Java - My introduction to OOP could have been significantly more painful had it been conducted in C++.
  • Objective C - It’s enabled me to create many lovely apps for two different platforms, and is also responsible for the bulk of my income today.
  • VDM-SL - A fantastically bizarre modeling language with built-in pre and post-conditions. The Professor from whom I learned this language was also responsible for instilling a deep fear of Airbus planes in me for a long time (as it works out, he was on Boeing’s dole), and also for imprinting this idiom deep into my brain:┬áif (0 == someFunctionCall) { /* Apparently people call these ”Yoda Conditions” */ }
  • Tcl - Uhh, I managed to survive the assignments that required me to use it in college. I found Tk to be a rather novel UI toolkit.
  • Ruby - Beautiful, terse, and phenomenally expressive.
  • Javascript - What was once one of my least favorite programming languages has become one of my most favorite…as long as I have handy abstractions bolted on top, at least.
  • C# - It’s like Java, but without the suck. And the IDE…Oh, the IDE.
  • VB.NET - I guess that “My” namespace thing is cool.
  • PHP - In all seriousness, PHP is a bloated, ugly inconsistent, icky language, but it’s incredibly easy to use, and the only way to interact with Wordpress.

(based on a post from darevay.com)